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YAP Logo

How we help you:

  • Cash-to-BTC

    Exchange Bitcoin at our walk-in store or ATMs at the best local rate.

  • Over-the-counter BTC trading

    For transactions greater than $10,000 CAD,
    your private expert will negotiate custom rates for your trades.

  • Foreign currency exchange

    Buy and sell foreign currencies at competitive rates, with custom prices for large amounts.

  • Private consultation

    1-on-1 discussions on coin conversion, Bitcoin 101, claiming forked coins, and more.

  • Crypto advocacy

    We do meetup events,  issue newsletters, publish Medium articles,  and connect on social media.

Why "Yap"?

Yap is a tiny group of islands located in Micronesia, famous for having the largest and heaviest currency in the world.

The Yapese centuries old tradition was to exchange large disks of limestone ("Rai" stones) as payment for goods and services.

Economists often refer to this unusual monetary system to define money - a means of payment with a value that people trust.

We embrace that vision and definition of money, made for and by the people.

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